What can we do about climate change?

We will explain the principle of the Fee & Dividend policy, how it works and its progressive and conservative aspects, before asking everyone to write a letter, in their own words, to their MP or a newspaper.  There will also be an opportunity to ask questions and hear about the movement we are building in the UK and the world, to insist that fossil fuels are priced out of the market in time to avoid disastrous climate change on our beloved planet.

If you’re not in London, we also have volunteers in Cambridge, Glasgow, Marlborough and Henley on Thames.  And if you’re not in any of those places, we’ll support you wherever you are. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter or you can email ku.yb1524297128bolet1524297128amilc1524297128snezi1524297128tic@o1524297128fni1524297128

Citizens’ Climate Lobby UK is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots advocacy organization, one of over 250 chapters of the global movement begun in the US in 2007. We train and support volunteers to engage elected officials, the media and the public in order to generate the political will to enact a carbon fee and dividend policy.

  • Fossil fuels appear cheap, but this is because there is a cost to using them which will be borne largely by our children and grandchildren.
    James Hansen
    James Hansenclimate scientist and former director of NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

The apparent cheapness of fossil fuels

Why do fossil fuels continue to provide most of our energy? The reason is simple. Fossil fuels are the cheapest energy. This is in part due to their marvellous energy density and the infrastructure that has grown up around them.

The true cost of fossil fuels

But there is another reason: We do not take into account their true cost to society. Effects of air and water pollution on human health are borne by us, the public. Damages from climate change are also building inexorably and they will be borne especially by our children and grandchildren.

How can we fix the problem? Low carbon energy needs to become cheaper than energy from burning fossil fuels. The true cost of burning fossil fuels needs to be reflected in their price. This can be done by placing a fee on carbon, collected at the point at which the fuel enters the country, but the revenue should be distributed to all citizens in equal dividends.

A carbon fee and dividend


The carbon

At the moment, when we burn carbon we’re not required to pay for the damage caused by our actions. Instead, the whole of society, including future generations, has to pick up the tab.

The fee

A fee on each ton of carbon is charged at the mine shaft or port of entry into the country. Highly polluting forms of energy become more expensive whilst low carbon greener forms of energy become more competitive.

The dividend

The revenue from this fee is distributed equally to all citizens. Low carbon users will get back more in dividend than they pay out in fee and will thus be better off.

Make your voice heard


We’re the UK branch of the global Citizens’ Climate Lobby. All over the world citizens are lobbying their governments, pushing for the adoption of the carbon fee and dividend, a policy that can bring down emissions without bringing down the economy. In fact, the carbon fee and dividend implemented in British Columbia, Canada, has been an economic as well as an environmental success.

We stay in touch through online meetings, linking up with people around the country and around the world. We are a citizens’ movement so our success depends on citizens getting involved. Whether you’re an expert on climate change and carbon pricing or just someone who’s concerned about the future they’re leaving to their children and grandchildren, join us and make your voice heard.

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